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Online Video to Assist Florida Bar Applicants

Steven Pinkert has been brushing up on his old HTML skills the past 2 weeks and has decided to do an educational video for his law clients. In particular, Bar Applicants need a great deal of help applying to the Florida Bar. A few months ago Steven started a legal blog to assist students with their Florida Bar Aplications, www.pinkertlawblog.com. But this approach, although helpful, just doesnt give students that are applying to the Florida Bar the kind of hand holding that many really require. After a little practice the past few weeks with HTML and YouTube, Steven decided that the best approach would be a kind of training video to walk students through the Bar Application process. Actually showing students how to correctly approach the bar application and what steps to take to answer each question.

Steven feels that this will require a split screen approach - documents on one side and lecturer talking head on the other. After searching for the simplest approach Steven chose Camtasia. This software should provide the flexibility needed for the presentations. With it he can use PIP (picture in picture) to accomplish the "split screen."

Steven's law firm website is www.pinkertlaw.com and he can be reached at spinkert@pinkertlaw.com or at his office phone 305-788-3900.  His practice areas include Patent and Trademark law, Real Estate, Commerical Litigation, Transactional Law, Bar Admissions, and Attorney Grievances.  Steven is also a consultant for Green Energy Projects, Large Scale Medical Equipment, and Chinese and Latin American Market Entry. 



















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